Constant Voltage Transformer

EPCL Solar Charge Controllers help you by maximizing charge output  for improved battery charging efficiency which results in lower, cost investment on solar panels. These products are designed  for solar residential, commercial, off grid systems, EPCL Solar Charge controller available as PWM and MPPT type. EPCL charge controller not only controls the battery charging but it has also a source priority option inbuilt, which results in maximum usage of free solar energy and reduces the consumption of grid energy.


Constant Voltage Transformer : 150 VA to 5 KVA
Product Specifications


�?No semi conductor or moving part used, hence very high reliability

�?Output voltage correction within 1/2 cycle(10ms)

�?Short term overload capacity

�?Higher input voltage controll range

�?Very high line transient/spike rejection capability and excellent isolation characterstics


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