Line Interactive UPS (External Battery)

The Line �?interactive UPS uses a totally different design than any type of standby UPS.  In this type of unit, the separate battery charger, inverter and source selection switch have all been replaced by a combination inverter/converter, which both charges the battery and converts its energy to AC for the output as required.

The main advantage of this design is that the inverter/converter unit is always connected to the output, powering the equipment. This design allows for faster response to a power failure than a standby UPS. The inverter/converter is also normally fitted with circuitry to filter out noise and spikes, and to regulate the power output, providing additional power during brownouts and curtailing output during surges.

The line-interactive UPS is an improved design that is commonly used in units for home and business use, available in sizes up to 3,000 VA or so. It is superior to the standby UPS, but it still has a transfer time.

EB Model Capacity : 800 VA to 5 KVA
Product Specifications


�?PWM Technology, MOSFET UPS

�?High efficiency

�?Short circut / over load , low Battery and Battery over charge protections

�?Auto restart feature for over load and short circuit

�?Battery Charging in UPS off mode

�?Regulated charger for longer Battery life & lesser distilled water top-up frequency

�?Generatir compatible

�?Noise and pollution free Eco-friendly design

�?Horizontal / vertical design

�?Designed for tropical condition

�?Reliable, Compact user friendly


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