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EPCL Online UPS System

Micro processor based digital control ensures pure and perfect Sine Wave output delivering accurate voltage and clean power if increase speed and efficiency of power-conversion and facilities communication interface between the machine of user

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Line Interactive UPS (External Battery)

The Line �?interactive UPS uses a totally different design than any type of standby UPS. In this type of unit, the separate battery charger, inverter and source selection switch have all been replaced by a combination inverter/converter, which both charges the battery and converts its energy to AC for the output as required.

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Line Interactivane UPS (Internal Battery)

EPCL Line-interactive UPS with Internal Battery is design exclusively for computer for long power back-up duration. Capacities up to 3 KVA and with maximum back-up time 2 hours can be customized.

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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

EPCL Manufactures Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer which are well known for its reliability and ruggedness. Fully regulated and stable output with a correction speed 75V/Sec over under worst environment and power conditions and its ability to handle high starting current one its unique features. With combined technical experts, we have been able to cater to large quality conscious customers for various missions �?critical applications.

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Sine Wave UPS (Home UPS)

EPCL Sine Wave UPS (Home UPS) are designed to support lighting load as well as computer load thereby eliminating the need for an exclusive computer UPS and has saving. If the input voltage goes below 175 volts or goes above 275 volts the UPS Automatically switches to the battery mode and hence events the load against high and low AC input AC Voltage. back-up can be customized as the customers requirement.

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CFL UPS is a tiny power house from EPCL.



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EPCL �?Extra Power Tubular Battery

Tubular Batteries are related at C10 Capacity. These batteries are assembled in poly propylene containers with tubular positive and pasted negative plates made of special alloy and extra thick plates as per EPCL design.

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Solar Charge Controller

EPCL Solar Charge Controllers help you by maximizing charge output for improved battery charging efficiency which results in lower, cost investment on solar panels. These products are designed for solar residential, commercial, off grid systems, EPCL Solar Charge controller available as PWM and MPPT type.

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Constant Voltage Transformer




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Solar Power Generator

EPCL Solar Power Generator is a power conditioning unit. It consists of Solar Inverter with solar charger, solar panel and solar tubular battery.


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