Sine Wave UPS (Home UPS)

EPCL Sine Wave UPS (Home UPS) are designed to support lighting load as well as computer load thereby eliminating the need for an exclusive computer UPS and has saving. If the input voltage goes below 175 volts or goes above 275 volts the UPS Automatically switches to the battery mode and hence events the load against high and low AC input  AC Voltage. back-up can be customized  as the customers requirement.



IB Model Capacity : 600 VA to 5 KVA
Product Specifications Applications


• DSP Based design

• pure sine wave output resulting in silent opperation of motor and fans

• Computer compatibility

• S.M.P.S charging upto 120V Ac input

• Inverter / UPS selection switch

• LCD Display for mains ON, Mains Volt, Charging ON/OFF, Charging current, Battery volt, inverter/UPS ON/OFF,output volt, output load Etc.,

• Proction against overload, Short circuit, Battery deep/ over charging, Mains over Volt (upto 440V), Phase input & output reverse, Phase & neutral reverse, Heavy load in all these eror conditions will be shown in the LCD Display.

Audio / Video


• Television


• Tube Light, CFL, Fans, Fridge, AC, Lift, Mixer and Grinder Etc.,


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Tube Light, CFL, Fans, Fridge, AC, Lift, Mixer and Grinder Etc.,