Solar Power Generator

EPCL Solar Power Generator is a power conditioning unit. It consists of Solar Inverter with solar charger, solar panel and solar tubular battery.






Product Specifications


�?High frequency based pure sine wave UPS with built in solar charge controller

�?Mains charger to support up to maximum of 15 AMPS.

�?Zero drop solar charger with maximum current up to 40 AMPS or MPPT solar charger with maximum current up to 30 AMPS.

�?Solar priority charging, whenever the solar energy is available the UPS will always charge the battery from solar panel and not from the AC mains Charger. This will bring down the electricity bill considerably and thereby lot of savings.

�?Solar optimization whenever the battery fully charged it starts working in the inverter mode even when the mains is present. During the day time when the solar energy is available the load will be powered from the solar panel and any shortage of DC power required to cater to the AC load connected to the UPS will be drawn from the battery. As panel and battery are powering UPS. we get more back up and increased battery life after discharging the battery to a pre determined voltage if returns the mains mode. Avoiding the usage of mains power and making use of solar panel and battery power will reduce your electricity bill.


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